Panfila BALIPHEX 2017

Panfila BALIPHEX 2017 is a National Philately Exhibition under the auspices of the Indonesian Philatelists’ Center Board. The event was followed by philatelists from various countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

This is the fourth time Panfila has been held in Bali and was present in IAM BALI (3D Museum and Upside Down in Bali). The first event was held in 1993 (Panfila 1993 and Golden Letter Exhibition of Kings at Bali Museum), the second was Panfila Gemilang Denpasar 2001 in Ksirarnawa, Denpasar Cultural Park, the third Panfila BALIPHEX 2015 in Ramayana Hardys Sesetan, Denpasar.

In this exhibition everyone is invited to know the various types of postage stamps from the past until now because stamps are rarely used in the digital era. The community always shows great enthusiasm in every event of BALIPHEX 2017. It is also seen from the preparation of all parties involved both from the organizers, central government, local government, educational circles and philately industry activists.

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