3D Painting

I AM Bali (Interactive Art Museum Bali) 3D Museum Bali is present in Denpasar City Bali as the “Interactive Art” entertainment venue, the most complete and the biggest in Bali. Located at Bajra Sandhi Monument Ground Floor, I AM Bali presents some interesting rides to be enjoyed by all visitor-age crowds totaling about 102 3-dimensional paintings, 5 optical illusion, 5 special rooms (flying class, spider gym, magical board, hobbit house and haunted house). The themes of the paintings are interactive, creative and educative about Balinese culture like Ogoh-ogoh (parade by Balinese people before Silent Day) and Balinese people habit like “metajen” (cockfight). There are also Borobudur’s temple painting and Komodo painting which is rare animal. Cartoon theme also become a favorite theme in IAM BALI 3D Museum Bali because the kids always happy to see and take pictures there. Preparation of this museum involves 21 painters including of one of the famous cartoonist, Bog-Bog.

Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion is an illusion that we see differently from reality. At IAM BALI 3D Museum Bali, you can find various interesting Optical Illusion that make you curious, what is the real painting actually. There are streaks of painters that make up the face of Albert Enstein in reverse and also the paintings that always follow wherever you go. Are you curious to see it? Just come to IAM BALI 3D Museum Bali.

Special Effect Room

In addition to the 3D Museum Bali, you can also enjoy the thrill of a new experience taking pictures in the Special Room provided at I AM Bali 3D Museum Bali. There is a Flying class with the concept of up side down that raised the theme of the classroom. You can nostalgia back with the atmosphere of the classroom and will certainly produce interesting photos. Also available Spider Gym with Up Side Down 90 degree theme and feel the excitement you take pictures not just for sports but as if lifting the existing Gym tool. Next, there is also Hobbit House. Hobbit House will give the impression of an illusion and the new experience for the end. You and your friends can find them on the optical illusions looking like giants and the other looking dwarfed. There is also a Magical Board. Please take pictures with anti gravity style in Magical Board. And the last special room is Haunted House. In UV room will present spooky sensation from UV art presented in special room.


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